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    Whatcha Doing Intro "Lyric Video" by Teddy Neutral

    Watch The Official "LIF-TED" Music Video

    Teddy Neutral Funk Monk



    Teddy Neutral is an American Rapper from Los Angeles, California. He started his music career back in 1993. As a child, he learned to make music with a keyboard. The sounds from that keyboard opened his mind to music. Teddy Neutral started to learn music production in his teens. By the time, he was in his twenties. He learned a lot to proceed to engineer music for artists from all genres.

    When Teddy Neutral is not doing music. His other side V-Styles is released. V-Styles is a producer who is responsible for the music. V-Style can create music for everyone to enjoy. The music has a soul. People just want to be free when listing to his music.

    The name Teddy Neutral reflects his ability to balance all genres of music. While not being biased and preferring a particular type of music. He is always looking for creative ways to challenge himself. There is nothing more of a challenge than finding love in it all.


    (C) 2017 Champion Sound Ent.

    All songs mixed & recorded by: V-Style @ WestWay Studios Los Angeles, CA.

    Mastered by: Teddy Neutral @ WestWay Studios Los Angeles, CA.